Download: Game Of Thrones S8 EP4 HD

The North begins burning all their dead on funeral pyres. During the celebrations, Daenerys legitimizes Gendry as a Baratheon and names him the new Lord of Storm’s End. Jaime and Brienne have sex. Daenerys asks Jon to not reveal his Targaryen claim. Tormund decides to lead the Wildlings back north of the Wall. Bronn, concerned Cersei may not win, spares Jaime and Tyrion in exchange for the lordship of Highgarden. During a war council, Daenerys insists on leaving the North and attacking King’s Landing soon. Jon and Bran reveal his Targaryen claim to Sansa and Arya. Sansa goes on to share the secret with Tyrion who then shares it with Varys. The Targaryen fleet moves for King’s Landing while Northern soldiers travel on foot. The fleet is ambushed and destroyed by Euron Greyjoy, Rhaegal is killed and Missandei is taken captive, leading Daenerys to decide to seize King’s Landing at any cost, even if she must slaughter the civilians taking shelter inside. Varys and Tyrion discuss Daenerys’ state of mind, with Varys concerned that she might not be fit to rule and suggesting they replace her with Jon instead, though Tyrion rejects the idea. Hearing of Rhaegal’s death, Jaime leaves for King’s Landing. Daenerys arrives at King’s Landing and demands Cersei surrender, but Cersei remains defiant and publicly


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